Be prepared for a camping trip with children at the time of notification

In addition to sleeping in tourist clothing, there are indeed some simple steps to take to prepare for a weekend camping trip with children just a day before. It’s a bit like a firefighter’s shell, and once everything is in place, you can surprise your friends and family how quickly you can pack up and set off to camp with your whole family.

Packaging for the day before departure is not impossible if you are prepared in advance. If you start thinking about it, there are many types of excursions that only take a few minutes to prepare and leave the door, to be ready and to leave with young children. Trips to the shopping center require you to grab a handbag, diaper bag, pram, children, car with full gas tank and go. Trips to the zoo may require some extra items such as packing lunch and bring a sunscreen and appropriate clothing. Then there is a camping site.

Accommodation requires adequate preparation to ensure that your children are safe and comfortable. Think about first aid, bedbug bites, injuries caused by campfires, weather, comfort, location, shelter, food, water, and clothing. Then there are preparations that can be made in advance to prepare for multi-day camping trips.

Would you really feel comfortable taking your young children to an extended 5-day campsite in the desert in one day in advance? How do some people pull it out when a hurricane catastrophe, massive earthquake or tornado occurs? Why do some people seem to be fighting helplessly, while other families gracefully experience natural disasters until power and water are restored in their neighborhood? The key to all this is preparation.

Families with a graceful experience of natural disasters and a little bit of luck have also planned every detail for the future in the event of a crisis situation. They planned for the worst and hoped for the best because they kept everything they could need to survive weeks or even months of disasters until the aid arrived. Making it possible to spend months on camping equipment is the key to a successful journey with the family. Start with a checklist, a family menu, and then slowly collect and store these items in a structured way to get started. The list will help you to organize the basic things on paper so that you don’t run out of anything important. You can also add new items to your list that you haven’t thought about until you read this magazine about survival in the doctor’s surgery.

Preparation is a lifelong process and each trip to the campsite you will learn new needs to bring, and new ways to reduce the size and organize for even easier travel experiences. You can decide to provide standard camping food such as hot dogs and rolls, draught and carbonated drinks. You may also have nutritional problems like us, and be a little more courageous when learning to cook with a Dutch Oven. Food always tastes better on the campsite, and if you’ve never had chilli, stew, baked in a pot, green bean casserole, biscuits and sauces, fresh bread, chocolate cake or peach cobbler from the Dutch oven, you have no idea what’s missing. Dutch oven dishes provide some of the best homemade dishes in the desert where they are found.

Organisation is the key to successfully preparing for long camping trips with small children. The following steps will help you prepare for your family camping trips so that you can get up and set off in one day:

Store camping food such as dried goods, cereals, boxed juices, rice milk, canned products in large quantities months before the camping season.

Tent, poles, poles, ropes, all consumables of the tent in a transparent storage container and mark it with a label.
Store kitchen utensils, frying pans, stove, fuel, etc. in another container and mark with a label.
Have a first aid kit as well as tools, water purification system/tables, emergency blankets, fire starter, in another transparent container and mark it.

These containers can be stored throughout the winter on shelves in the garage or wardrobe and will be ready to be packed in your car at the time of notification to arrive camping season.

Why wait until June to go to the campsite with your family when the campsites are usually already packed? By preparing in advance, you can now easily get out for the weekend in April or May to take your children’s camping right when some campsites are just open.

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