Luxury Holiday Rental – How to create the perfect holiday home guide

When guests renting a holiday for the first time come to a new or exotic holiday home in a foreign city, often the first thing they are looking for is a “villa book” or “house guide”. This handbook acts as a guide and reference throughout your stay, and most owners of intelligent holiday rentals provide this as a convenience for every guest’s stay.

A book can be the key to satisfied guests. The book saves a lot of time and potential problems for holiday property owners/agents because guests are able to help each other in obtaining answers and tips and not to call the owner or manager every time they have questions or concerns.

Below are the basic data and those optional improvements that should be included in the “Villa Book”. Some owners of Uber-luxurious properties have turned their Villa Books into a form of high art, suitable for publication!

Basic contact information should include:

-Street Home address and telephone number of the house.

-The local number for police, fire brigade, ambulance and/or private security in the neighborhood or building.

-Owner’s or manager’s telephone number, location, availability hours, emergency replacement contacts.

Numbers for all emergency service providers “on-call” to the home, in emergencies such as plumber, electrician Handyman, locksmith, mechanic.

Check-in and check-out instructions, if any: Where guests should leave keys, comments, etc.

Who has access to the house: Remarks and names of gardeners, carers or other service providers who may have access to the house or outside, their usual schedule or scheduled visits during the stay of guests.

Other important elements of the book are

Maps, addresses and directions for drivers to important locations such as Local Hospital Emergency Services or Walk-In clinics; Bank, ATMs and money exchange offices; Airport, train and bus station; Post Office, FedEx, UPS or other express sales outlets; grocery stores, butcheries, bakeries, alcoholic beverage stores or other essential points of sale; internet café or business centre; recommended restaurants, cafés, clubs or cafés, clubs and cafés; local telephone number venues of worship.

Local maps and transport: Provide guests with multiple copies of bus maps, metro maps, bicycle lanes or other means of transport to move around the area.

Car: If the car is delivered as part of a rental or exchange, you should include a user manual, any registration or insurance documents in an easily accessible place. In addition, it takes notes for guests on the following page:

– How to adjust the seats if this is not obvious

– Preferences for the appropriate or required type of fuel to be placed in the car and a map of the location of nearby petrol stations

– Where is the gas tank and how to open it from the inside of the car, if there is a special button; where is the tool and safety kit located in the car.

– If the convertible, how to position the upper and lower parts of the convertible accordingly

– Any special instructions for the key ring, ignition of the key, unlocking the steering wheel or any other potential problems that a new driver may have.

– Any instructions for action in the event of an accident or emergency (e.g. “use a throttle camera found in the boot to document the accident, call an XYZ insurance agent, file a police report, etc.).

– In the event of an emergency, always keep the first aid kit, documentation and blanket in the boot.

Other holiday home management items:

Emergency instructions and locations: instructions on how to use the backup generator, what to do or who to call in the event of power failure, telephone failure, where the circuit breakers are located, what to do in the event of flooding, and so on.

Electrical advice for the house: If the house is using 220, this should be clearly indicated and any special instructions for those who may have provided the appliance or equipment with other currents.

Temperature modification instructions for the house. Such as Heating air-conditioning thermostat; Location of free-standing fans or radiators; Location of additional blankets; Location of a heated floor and floor space on/off; If the use of air-conditioning or heating will entail an additional charge to the tenant, this should be clearly indicated in the villa book. Please provide approximate or detailed information on what the costs of the different uses will be and how the financial details will be treated (i.e. deduction from the deposit, etc.).

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