Tourist guide: Eastern United States of America

There are chances, you have already traveled to the United States before. As a neighbor of Canada, this is a relatively easy and popular journey. In our guide we will describe some of the best examples of where to go in the eastern United States, hitting cities, monuments, parks, beaches and others as we go down the coast. Enjoying discovering the United States will give you a simple ride through the United States, stopping in lesser known cities and making your own experiences. We can’t really capture it here, but these are places where you have to stop, whether you’re on a road trip or just flying in the air.


This is the United States, so we already know that the transport network is comprehensive. Interstate motorways make it easier to cope with long journeys. I-95 in particular runs from Maine to Florida and can be used as the main transit route on the east coast. Of course, you can always fly directly to your chosen city and travel cheaply by plane within the USA. In the North-East Corridor, train travel is a viable option with Amtrak serving Washington DC, New York, Boston and Philadelphia quite comprehensively.


Simple, the further south you go, the warmer. New England and New York experience the same weather as in Ontario or Quebec, so be careful when traveling northwards in winter. As you move along the coast, the weather gets warmer all year round until you reach Miami. Please note that Florida and the South can be very wet in summer.

Where to go in the eastern United States?

New England

It’s very close and it’s an easy first stop on any American exit or road trip. As the birthplace of America, New England is full of history, but the natural beauty of this region is probably even more interesting. There’s a lot to see, so we’ll mention just a few places.

New England’s largest state, Maine, has a long, rocky coastline and wild interior, making it one of the destinations for outdoor travel. Acadia National Park, small fishing villages and the best lobsters you’ll ever have – Maine offers you the opportunity to escape from all this. But if you feel like a civilization, the vibrant city of Portland and the popular Old Orchard Beach will hit the jackpot.

It may be the only state in New England without an ocean coastline, but Vermont more than compensates for this with its beautiful, rustic interior. Covered bridges, changing colours of leaves in autumn and Zielone Gory itself give you a separate atmosphere and culture. But probably the main reason to visit is skiing and snowboarding in winter, with the country offering the best choice in East America. The main ski resorts are Killington, Jay Peak, Okemo and many others. There is also a large craft beer market, where you can find many different tastes and flavors throughout the state.

The White Mountains in New Hampshire is a great place to visit for tourists, adventurers and visitors. At the heart is the Presidential Range, and Mount Washington is the most famous (and highest) mountain in the east. It is infamous for its unfavourable weather conditions and for 76 years it has maintained the record for the fastest wind speed in the world. If, however, on a good day (driving by car, using your own strength or the famous toothed train), you will have the opportunity to admire spectacular views and boast about the rights.

You can’t visit New England without a stop in Boston. Even though Boston is not so big (24th place in the USA), it has a very big city. From the famous sports teams to history as the “Cradle of Freedom”, Boston has always been at the forefront of America. With a great music scene, tons of bars (both Irish and sporting) and historical monuments such as the Bunker Hill Monument; Boston is a city that deserves to be experienced.

Finally, stop by the historic Cape Cod (about an hour and a half from Boston) to see one of the best tourist destinations in the northeast. Sailing, fishing, beaches and a long history of maritime culture make Cape Cod the quintessence of a sea holiday in the region. Camping, staying in one of the charming cities or visiting one of the many tourist destinations; Cape Cod has it all.

New York

There is no world in which New York is not on the list of places to see in the USA (not to mention the East). It is the largest city in the country and probably the most important single city in the world. It may sound like a hyperbole, but when you walk through Manhattan in the center of Manhattan, you will feel the same. There is a lot to see and do here. Of course,

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